Here you will find basic knowledge about the three types of Redwoods.

There Are three kinds of Redwoods. Each has its own unique characteristics. The three types are DAWN REDWOOD, COAST REDWOOD, and GIANT SEQUOIA. These three trees are the oldest and tallest organisms on the planet.


DAWN REDWOOD- This one is one of my favorites. Dawn Redwood's scientific name is Metasequoia glyptostroboides This tree is not as common as the other two. It started off being found in China. It can get from 75-100 feet tall. The leaves are bright green. These trees can grow in USDA zones 4-8. These trees love the hot and humid climates. It can get a spread of up to 25 feet. In the fall this tree turns a bright orange color, and this is the only Redwood to do this. This tree is deciduous.


COAST REDWOOD- The tallest tree in the world. The scientific name is  Sequoia Sempervirens.This tree can grow 2-3 feet a year in good conditions. Coast Redwood trees can get taller than the Statue of Liberty! They can reach a height of over 300 feet. The tallest Coast Redwood recorded was about 366 feet tall! This tree can  live up to 2,000 years old. The trunk can get 8-15 feet in diameter.


GIANT SEQUOIA- One of the oldest trees in the world. This is a very massive tree. The scientific name is Sequoiadendron giganteum. The tallest Giant Sequoia was taller than 310 feet! The first Giant Sequoia was found in the 1830's. The average Sequoia height is about 250 feet tall.