This page is dedicated to helping you with your Redwoods.




     First, you want to get seeds. If you live near redwoods, you can get the seeds from those trees by their pinecones. You want to collect green pinecones from the trees. You then let the pinecones dry out in the hot sun until the cones are brown. Once the cones are brown, you place them in a brown paper bag and shake it. Then you pull the cone out and shake all the seeds out of the bag. There may be a lot of seeds. Next, Take the seeds and place them in some water for 24-48 hours.


There are also many online realtors to buy the seeds from.




     Once you have your seeds, you may choose to soak them in water. Once done with the soaking you take the seeds and plant them. The soil I like to use is a good soil that helps seed starting. The germination rate of these trees is very low (between 30-40%). You can use any small pot to start them off in. I use little pots. You fill the pot up with your soil. Then if you are planting Dawn seeds take the seeds and place them on the surface of the soil. Then get something called VERMICULITE and lightly cover the seeds. The Dawn seeds need light to germinate. If you are planting Giant Sequoia or Coast Redwood then take the seed and place it about 1/8" into the soil and water. Also, if you are planting the Giant Sequoia, it is a good idea to place them in vermiculite in a bag and store them in your fridge for 30-70 days. This takes the seeds out of their dormancy stages. Take the seeds out of the fridge. Plant them in soil 1/8" deep, then take the seeds and place them in the sun. The Redwoods love humidity, so they thrive well in greenhouses. GOOD LUCK!







Caring for your Redwoods


       Your Redwood should germinate in about 7-60 days. Be patient, it takes a while sometimes. The germination rate is very low. It can range from 30-45%.


       Once your seeds have germinated, it is nice to move them into a decent sized pot. You must be very careful with this though, and try not to do it to much. The Redwoods do not like having their roots disturbed. Once they are in the bigger pot, they should be fine for a while. 


        It is a good idea to leave them on your windowsill until they get big enough to grow outdoors. When you want to move them outdoors, take them and place them in the shade outside for a few hours, working up to a full day. Then they should be fine outside.